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Dreams about something greater (BG)
February morning I will go out too early,
Yesterday evening remains vague;
In the end, what for to think about it?
Someone will be found who will tell to me all.
A handful of pearls in the palms –
Here is the way, which I will leave a mystery.
Thank you for this gift –
Ability to sleep and see dreams;
Dreams about something greater...
(a-ah, a-a-ah...)
When will come the time of justifications,
What I will tell to you?
What I didn't see the point to do bad,
And I didn't see chances to do better.
Apparently, something has passed by,
And I don't know how me to tell about it.
Not in vain at home all the mirrors from clay,
In order to the morning not discern in the eyes
Dreams about something greater...
Dreams about something greater...

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